Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Basement Flood '10

Yesterday, I went to the grocery store and I bought some frozen pizzas. I decided since we did not have immediate plans to eat the pizzas I would put them in the freezer in the basement. I went down to the basement and put the pizzas in the freezer. Upon turning to head back upstairs, I noticed that there was a lot of moisture on the bead board on the basement wall.

With a bit more inspection, I noticed that the floor around this moist area was wet. That the moisture ran almost the length of the basement wall, and concentrated in the closet area. It had finally happened, our basement leaked.

Having been through this with the great basement flood of '03, I freaked out. Oh, goodness, we will never be able to fix this, it won't work, we will forever have a flooded basement. Of course we were able to fix the basement in our old house and it was dry when I sold it. That is right all you lawyer people, the basement never flooded again after we had it fixed properly.

Finding a basement guy who is good, will actually fix the problem and is reputable, well, that is another story.  We had one guy come out and he did this to my basement:

So, we wait on another opinion on what do about this situation.  But, I know for a fact that I had better ways to spend that money.  Now to rescue my yarn from this mess...

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