Monday, July 19, 2010

Basement Desert

The great basement flood caused me a lot of angst.  I really thought it was going to be a big deal to get it fixed.  I talked to one contractor and he said he could cut my basement apart and fix the crack.  But then I would have to hire someone to put all the pieces back together.

This sounded so awful to me.  I was just not interested in getting more quotes to get the work done.  Then I found Crawlspace Professionals.  Kevin, the owner said that he would be able to do the finish work too.  I was so happy.  He came 2 days after I got the quote.  There are some upsides to this recession.

This is what he did...

The crack got fixed, the basement got restored to its' former glory.  I know it looks like nothing happened.  All we have left to do is paint.  I was even able to have the folks at Home Depot color match the paint perfectly!  I am very happy that the basement may actually be back in working order.  Now I want to clear some of the junk out of it so it looks a little better!

I just can not believe how much better the basement smells.  I never really noticed that it smelled bad to begin with.

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