Monday, April 19, 2010

A trip to the ER.

Yesterday, I awoke, feeling, well, let's just say I have felt better.  But, I figured a few aleve and some water and I could muscle through the day.  I sent Bob and the boys to religious school, and Hannah and I cleaned the play room and took naps.  Ok, I took a nap, she did something.  Then I went to knitting. 

Nothing strenuous.  I figured, I would take it easy, rest a little during the day and then I would feel better tomorrow, which would be today.  It was a good plan.  Because when you have a cold, you are supposed to get extra rest and drink extra fluids.  I thought, yesterday that this might be allergies, but I think now it is a cold.  But I digress.

All was working out well with my plan to take it easy.  Bob was on dinner and kid detail, when it happened.  Mac and Hannah were wrestling in the playroom.  Mac drug Hannah by her arm, after she flipped off is back.  Then the crying starts.  She comes into the room where I am resting with her arm in the I-just-dislocated-my-elbow-position.  Great!

So, I look up how to reduce nursemaid elbow, and follow the directions.  I feel it click back into place.  But she is still wailing and carring on, and telling me it hurts and she can't move.  I try bribing her with ice cream, chocolate, toys, anything I can think of...  nothing works.  So, off to the ER we go.  Since this is the second time we have been for the same thing, I start to worry about what they are going to think.

We arrive at the ER, she is still whimpering.  We go into the room where they admit her and what not.  The nurse take her arm and rotates it a little and probably put her elbow the rest of the way back.  Because, guess what, she is better, and leaps up off the chair and waves her arm.  This of course could not happen until AFTER we were admitted, so now we have to pay for the visit.

The up-shot to the whole thing was that the PA taught me the correct way to reduce nursemaid elbow, so next time I can do this at home.  Which is great!!  I had only done part of the procedure.  Guess the internet isn't always right.  At least we only spent an hour at the ER.

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  1. been there, done that. i am glad she is okay and that it was nothing worse. it's unfortunate that you had to go to the ER though. at least you have a plan for next time, Hashem forbid!