Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cancelled due to sun

The weather has been amazing the last couple of days.  I think our weather has been better than in California.  This happens about 3 weeks a year.  I suppose it is to balance out the fact that our weather is crappier than California the other 49 weeks a year.  I don't think it is really a fair trade.  I will give 3 weeks in January in Chicago for 1 week in California.  That seems good right?

For right now, right this minute the weather is perfect.  What do you do when the weather is perfect?  GO OUTSIDE.  But, my kids want to play Wii, in the basement, underground.  I worry that I might be raising moles or groundhogs or something. 

I forced them out of the house.  I used the ever popular rouse, of the house is on fire, if you don't leave the basement now you will be cooked.  This seemed to make them want to leave.  It was supported by the fact that I set the fire alarms off just for additional credibility.  They hadn't risen from the basement for so long it took their eyes a while to adjust to the blinding light of the sun.

Once outside, just to ensure that they had not become vampires, I made them stay out in the sun.  Once out, and recovered from the shock of light on their skin, we began to play a little with the round orb.  It took them a while to realize that the controller was their foot.  We were playing soccer.  Eventually, they awoke from their winter induced stupor and began to frolic in the sun.  I was reassured that they had not become vampires.

It was lovely.  My kids took in fresh air and got muddy, but also had fun.  I am not sure who was more surprised, me or them.  It is raining now, so they are in the basement.

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  1. we're having gorgeous weather too, and we have the grass and mud stains to prove how much outdoor fun the boys had today. :)