Monday, April 12, 2010

Crazy Day, part 2

We do the orthodontist and drop Hannah back at the house.  Then Mac and I continue on to the book store to purchase a birthday present for a party he has tomorrow.  Our plan is to have lunch and then buy the book.

The decision is to have lunch first and then go to the bookstore.  We slow down in front of the restaurant and this crazy woman swings in front of us to get a parking space on the street.  I was amazing, she didn't even look to see the she totally cut us off.  It was odd, but other than being annoyed, we didn't think much of it.  I should have realized it was a sign that all the crazies were out.

The restaurant is not open, so we reverse our plans, and head to the bookstore.  We are stopped at a pretty major intersection, and are turning right. (Roosevelt and Naperville, for you locs.)  There is 2 lanes of oncoming traffic and 2 lanes and a right hand turn lane on our side.  We are stopped in the right had turn lane.  The car in the lane next to us is stopped as well.  There are about 2 cars in front of her.  This is what you would expect when the light is red.  The cars are stopped and once they are stopped they stay that way until the light changes to green. 

What happens next is best described in car crushing bullet points:
  • The crazy lady in the car next to us smashes into the car in front of her, pushing it 5 feet forward.  
  • Then she pops it into reverse and drives up on to the car behind her.  
  • The light changes and the cars in front of her scurry out of the way.  
  • She then pops it back in to drive, and turns left (thank g-d, because right would have been into me) and jumps the curb into a parking lot at the school (Old Hubble for those who live here!).  
  • She then proceeds to hit a service truck parked in the lot, smashes the back end of the truck into the truck parked next to it.  Pops it into reverse again, and smashes into the brick wall.
With jaws agape, eyes popping out of our heads, it ended.  5 cars smashed up.  It seemed that all the people walked away, amazingly, but we are left with the question, what the heck happened here.  It was like the car was out of control or possessed or something.  No, it wasn't a Toyota.  CRAZY I tell you CRAZY.

While this was definitely the climax of our day, it wasn't over yet...

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  1. that is definitely crazy! i'm glad you weren't hurt by her reckless driving!