Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lorna's again

We went to Lorna's Laces again yesterday.  It was a long all day affair, but it was so much fun.  I love to get out with the ladies, have a little lunch and then look at pretty yarn.

The colorways at Lorna's haven't changed much in past years, but it seems she is rolling out some new things and they are really pretty.  I have also noticed that her style is changing.  She is doing less of the half and half skeins and more gradient colorwork.  It is interesting to watch someone who would not describe themselves as an artist do something super creative and watch them grow into it!

I ended up falling in love with some yarn that is blue and purple.  I can't wait to make a soft, ruffly scarf with it.  It is taking a lot of will power to not cast it on today, but I need to finish my socks first!!

The weather is lovely here, and I hope everyone has a great day!

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