Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Crazy Day, part 1

Cats and dogs sleeping together, we had good service at Walmart.  I know, the shock... it is overwhelming.

Let me start by saying that yesterday, I went to Toys R Us to purchase a bike for Hannah.  I had gotten an email stating that all bikes (this was how I remembered it), were 25% off.  So I decided, lets go get her a bike.  We look around and pick one out.  I ask the sales associate about the sale, and he says to me that he doesn't know anything about that, but all character bikes are going to be 25% off tomorrow, which would be today.

Bright and early I load the kids into the van and we head off to buy a bike for Hannah.  Everyone is pumped.  We walk into the store and lo and behold, the character bikes are NOT 25% off.  I ask the speak to the manager and he tells me that they will be 25% off tomorrow.  Always a day away....

I ask he what is going to do for me to keep me from getting in my car and driving the block down the street to Walmart to purchase a bike there.  He said, I was welcome to do that, and he wasn't going to do anything for me.  What he said he would do is price adjust the bike if I bought it today.  But I would have to come back into the store another day next week to do that.  I didn't like that option.  As an aside, the way he should have pitched that to me was, when you come back to pick up the bike after it is assembled I will price adjust it for you.  Then I would have focused on the fact that I had to come back anyway, but that didn't occur to me until I had left the store.

At Walmart, the aisles were clear and the store was clean.  It was weird.  I hate that store and it was actually nice to walk in.  Usually there is trash everywhere and it is disgusting.  I go over to the bike display, and it is neat and orderly.  I know, freaky.  I asked to for help.  The woman calls someone to come and help and when he doesn't come fast enough she goes and gets him.  I feel like I am in a parallel dimension.  This very helpful salesman comes and helps us.  They have the same princess bike that they had at Toys R Us, for the price it was going to be tomorrow, but that price was good TODAY, amazing.

Seems like Toys R Us will NOT be getting the bike sale after all, or the add on sale of the helmet.  Guess their sales are so good they can offend customers.  I won't be back for a while.

Thinking this was the end of our crazy day, we continue on to the orthodontist... but we were wrong.  The most wild and crazy thing was yet to happen.  But more on that later!

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  1. i'm glad wal-mart was good to you. it's always nice to hear good things about wal-mart because people rip on it so much.