Friday, April 16, 2010


For today a list.

  • What state are you in?
  • Thailand is in Asia, so I thought that it would be ok.
  • Sparkle balls rock
  • Poetry readings at the local coffeehouse... so bohemian
  • Hot cocoa milk shakes
  • Judges are not fair and impartial... did you know they take sides?
  • Will it ever end?
  • But, once it does it will be weird
  • Will he still call me every day?
  • Craziness on Roosevelt, and now no sign of it.
  • No response. 
  • Everyone snickered a little
  • Now is the time to leave, and just not be there
  • Soon it will calm down and routine will settle in.
  • More yarn... 
  • Pedro plays wii, Pedro goes shopping, Pedro is not ours and must leave.  
  • People will be sad when Pedro leaves

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