Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Break

Back to school.  Having Spring Break over Passover takes some of the joy out of both events.  The kids want to go out and have pizza with their friends, and well, they aren't supposed to.  Everyone looks forward to matzoh pizza, but if you are sneaking real pizza, the matzoh pizza,well it looses something in the translation.

As we sit here, facing the last night of Passover, I have to admit, we weren't good.  I can not imagine being an actual Israelite and having to flee.  My kids couldn't hack it.  Ok, I admit it, I couldn't hack it either.  We can not even give up the good life for one week to eat unleavened items.  It is not like we are not eating.  There is still plenty.  But as soon as you eliminate one item from your diet, it sure is the only thing you want to eat.  Guess that is why elimination diets don't work.

I imagine our trip out of Egypt would have Sam complaining because there was nothing good to eat.  As he lives on quesadillas and pb&j exclusively, he would most likely die.  He would eat matzoh for one day and then demand that we stop at burger king for dinner.  When he realized that was not an option, as we are fleeing, he would then curl up into a ball and starve.

Hannah, she is a bit more resilient, and since her middle brother will die of starvation early, there is a chance that she might survive, she would get his ration.  But, she does tend to scream when she does not get her food the minute she mentions that she is hungry.  As for Mac, he was probably the best at keeping kosher for passover, but even when tempted with pizza he caved.  I imagine, he is just obnoxious enough to get Moses to stop, and leaven the dang bread already.

This week, where we did all sorts of activities that require money, and were told to avoid leavening, I learned that basically my family is pretty spoiled.  I think we are probably too weak to survive the conditions that the Israelite's did.  I like to think that if we were slaves first it would have toughened us up, but today.... nope, Moses would leave us in a quivering mass on the corner.  If we made it that far.

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