Friday, April 30, 2010

April Re-Cap


  • Knit 1 skein on my sweater -- Did this.. only 2 or 3 more to go.  It is like torture to work on it, because the pattern is soooo boring.  I am loving the results though.
  • Knit 15 squares on my blanket - I did about 25 this month.  If I do 25 a month, I may actually finish this thing in another year.  I would like to be done eventually.  Although, I have a hard time imagining snuggling under it!
  • Knit one row of pin-wheels for pin-wheel scarf -- abandoned due to poor yarn choice for the pattern.  The yarn, the needles and the pattern just didn't get along well.  I plan to do this, but with different yarn.  So, I took the yarn for this project and am making a triangle scarf.  It is coming along nicely!!

Monthly Goals:
  •  Christmas Stocking for Martha -- DONE!

    •  Shur'rugal socks out of Happiest Girl, I never promised you a rose garden.  (I love the names of the colorways in this line of yarn!)

      • For extra credit I made a small sheep.  Isn't he cute?  I love him... I must make more!  His name is Pedro.

        I think this will be all I can get done this month.  If I finish up early, I will keep working on my blanket or start another project!

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