Tuesday, April 27, 2010


The much anticipated results from my confession on Friday.  You know the one where I say I am going to go on the retreat/conference in the woods?  What I learned, is that what my parents did at Family Camp was not really what most people do at these retreats.  I think my parents joined the church they did because they drink wine...  a lot.  Things are much less radical these days, but back in the 70's and early 80's there was lots of adults drinking wine.  It was one big party!

Friday was not such a good day.  I had a lot of errands to do before we could pack up and head to Wisconsin.  Everything took longer than I thought it should.  That said, I arrived at the arranged meeting place to pick up Bob right on schedule.  I am waiting.  I hear my phone playing its song and guess who it is, Bob.  He is going to be late.  So already we are leaving town later than I wanted to, we are now going to be even later.

We finally head out.  We make it through the traffic in Milwaukee.  We are finally in striking distance, when I inquire as to what I should do.  The GPS said to stay on Route 16, and Route 16 is turning.  BUT the GPS didn't say to turn.  Do you follow the sign or the GPS?  Since I am not allowed to look at the GPS and see where the highlighted route is, I ask Bob.  He tells me to turn.  He sucks as a navigator.  Have I mentioned this before?  If not, it really is long over due.  It is best for me to read the maps and him to drive.

Anyway, I turn.  I should not have turned, but I did.  So we get off on Lang Road.  This seems somewhat promising, for obvious reasons.  Sadly, Lang Road ends, but the GPS was under the impression that it did not do this.  So, in order to follow the highlighted route, I had to 4 wheel it through a pasture.  Not so much in the mini-van.  I turned.

The GPS was no help, Bob was no help, it was getting dark in we are in the middle of nowhere and we are lost.  GREAT, just great.  I knew this whole retreat was a bad idea.  I lost it.  See I wanted to leave earlier, I wanted Bob to take time off of work so that there would be time for us to get there, in the day light.  I was crying because I was so frustrated.

Bob decides to drive.  This is a good idea, because I understand how to use the map feature on the GPS.  So, I start to give some directions.  Of course, Bob is going about 80 mph on a country road, so we flew by many of our turns.  So here is the scene, me yelling at him to slow down and turn.  I would like to note, if this was me behind the wheel there would be 85 thousand cop cars on my butt writing me tickets.  Bob is driving, not a cop in sight.

Finally, finally, we find this place.  But, we found the back of it, not the entrance.  One can not put the entrance to correlate with the address, that would be too freakin' easy.  You know, plug the address in the GPS, and show up at the entrance. 

Anyway, since I actually know how to use the map feature for the GPS, I directed us to circle the camp, eventually there will be an entrance.  At least one would think.  Amazingly, we found it.  When I arrived, I was ready for a divorce.  Sadly, not a divorce lawyer in the bunch.

So to say things didn't get off to a good start is an understatement.  More tomorrow.

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  1. GPS can be annoying, but not as bad as a man's inability to understand directions. Sorry it was such a frustrating start to your weekend.