Thursday, April 29, 2010


The next two days were much better than you might think.   In the end, it turned out to be a good time.  The kids loved singing songs and playing with the other kids.  Mac wants to go to camp there next summer.  Sam and Hannah can't wait until next year.

The torah study sessions were not as boring as one might have expected.  People thought I should absolutely knit during the conversations and sessions.  Good folks!!  We met some other families that we liked, and they seemed to like us.  There is even plans for a park date or other get together!!

The singing, and there was a lot of it, didn't kill Bob or the kids.  Attending 3 hours of services didn't kill me.  There was only one melt-down and it was sort of justified.  All and all, a success.

On the ride home, all three kids passed out until we got to Bob's car at work.  Kids on Camp!

Guess what, we will probably do it again.  According to some of the other folks, we will probably also get lost again.  At least we will know to expect it!

Some photos:

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