Friday, March 19, 2010


A conversation over heard between me and Mac:

Mac:  Mom, I read some really horrible news in the newspaper today.

Mom:  Yeah, I saw that too.  We don't talk about that sort of thing in our house, alright?

Mac:  My teachers were talking about it at school yesterday.

Mom:  I don't really care.  They were also talking about it at knitting, but we don't talk about it here.  What are they teaching in school...

Mac:  But, look Mom, there are even pictures of it in the paper.

Mom:  We will cancel our subscription.  Really, some people have no sense of decorum.  I am not kidding when I tell you, we do not speak about this in our house.  I would also prefer that you not talk about it away from the house either.

Mac:  Mom, we can not hide from the facts.

Mom:  The paper isn't always right.

Mac:  But, Mom, do you think, do you really think it will..... wons this weekend?

Mom:  I appreciate you not using that sort of language in the house, but wons is really not much better than, well, I just can't say it.

Mac:  Fine Mom, choose to ignore it, but well, SNOW is coming. 

Mom:  Go to your room.  You do not talk like that in this house.

Mac:  Someone had to say it Mom.


  1. susanna.......I need a little help here! 'wons' is not making sense to me!