Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Event

Again, this post was supposed to run last week, but due to some technical difficulties, it didn't.

On to the Shabbaton.  We get in the car, after having a not so good conversation with Mac.  He is angry and sullen, because we have punished him for lying.  Let's just say, we aren't in the best of moods.

I was supposed to take a dessert.  I say supposed, because in spite of the fact that I made mini-cupcakes, I never frosted them.  I was going to take them anyway, because small children really don't care.  So, I put them on a plate to take along.  Only, here is the problem, I didn't actually take them.  I realized this after we were already late and almost at Temple.  GREAT!

I drop the kids and Bob off at Temple and go to the grocery store to purchase dessert.  This kills me, because now I look like a slacker mom, which I really am not.  But, I purchased them anyway.  While I was picking out my dessert, motivated by price point a clerk tells me that a mom in the store had told her daughter that she was a looser.  The clerk was horrified by this behavior.  While calling a child a looser is not really a top parenting maneuver, there are times when we as parents make mistakes.  I was sad for the mom who was being talked down about, because what she probably need was for the lady in the bakery to give her and the kids a cookie and a kind word. 

Upon returning to the Temple, dessert in hand, we suffered through too little food, too much singing and the kids' play.  The kids' performances were very well done and enjoyable.  Then after the performances, a fact that I was unaware of upon signing up for this event was made evident.  We were to STAY for the Shabbat service.  This service starts at 8:00 pm and goes for an hour.  I had Sam and Hannah with me.  I was not real excited about this bit of information.  Here I am with a 6 year old and a 4 year old, who are already up past their bed times, and I am supposed to keep them quiet and well behaved during a hour long service?  I was not optimistic. 

Surprisingly, the kids did pretty well, but towards the end they were cooked and we left.  During the oneg, which is the dessert portion of the evening, one of the board members approached me and told me about the child care that is offered during the service.  Child care?  During the service?  You mean I didn't have to suffer through an hour long service with two exhausted, squirmy kids?  Where were you before this began...  I wish someone would have shared that tidbit on information with me! 

Anyway, all three kids passed out in the car on the way home and we all went to bed immediately upon getting home.  I chalk today up to one massive Fail.

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  1. your services are short. it feels like just the torah part of our service takes an hour! i understand how hard it is to have kids in shul. i think my parents lucked out because all i had to do was bring my cabbage patch kid and i was content. i actually liked going to shul as a kid. i have a harder time of it as an adult, even though i belong to a great shul now!