Monday, March 8, 2010

Group fitness

Just me, back from the gym.  A few pet peeves to complain about today. 

1)  Why is it that all the newcomers feel like they need to stand next to me?  Yes, I am in the back row, but do they need to all crowd in next to me?  I have started to wonder if it is because I am the fat chick in the back.   Just to show them loosers otherwise, I usually kick it up a notch... yeah, keep up with that bitch.  I may be fat, but I can kick your butt.

2)  If you arrive late, you should not push into my space.  I am as nice as the next person, but we had already pushed one person out of our row, then 20 minutes in, during a water break your are going to waltz in and put yourself into the back row.  Not cool.  If you want to be in the back row, get there early.

3)  It is interesting to watch people fight for their spots.  The regulars have their areas they like to be in and they don't like to have someone take it.  I hate being new to a class because I know I am going to be in someone's spot.  Sometimes it works out and we add the new person to our group and sometimes... yeah not so much.

At the end of the day, in spite of the fact that you have to deal with other people in a group fitness class, it really is what makes it worth doing.  I know I push myself harder and work out longer when someone is in the front yelling at me.  Also, the peer pressure isn't such a bad thing.  So, I guess I will have to put up with the people.

That said, if you stroll into a packed kick box class 20 minutes late, go to the front, not the back.  Better yet, jump on a treadmill and wait until next time.

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