Monday, March 29, 2010


Events of Passover:

1)  It is a darn good thing my kids are Jews, because they couldn't cut it at an Easter Egg Hunt.  After spending 30 minutes looking for the afikomen, then getting hotter and colder hints, it was decided that they were clearly not cut from the same cloth as their mother.  My Dad hid the eggs so well, that he had to have a map to find that one last egg no one could find.  Well, until it rotted and we located it by smell. 

This reminds me of the time that a dozen eggs slipped out of the grocery bag and were hidden in the trunk of Bob's car.  A few weeks later the car started to smell, not so good.  We cleaned out the inside, aired it out, nothing worked.  One day after taking it to the store again, I noticed a carton of eggs tucked in a corner.  I carefully pulled it out and solved the smell problem.

2) Songs on the computer are a nice thing, but it is an issue when there is only one book of songs, and not everyone knows the words. 

3)  I almost lost a game of bowling to a 4 year old.  Real bowling is nothing like bowling on the wii.  I am much better at bowling on the wii.

4) A person can only eat so much matzoh.  I feel ill already.

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  1. try doing "hot" and "cold" clues with a 4 year old. he had no idea what to do!
    hope you're enjoying pesach so far!