Thursday, March 18, 2010

It is a bumpy ride

I keep trying to come up with stuff to write about, but unfortunately a big portion of what is going on in my life is not for blog consumption.  I got to thinking about this summer and the past couple of months when my posts seemed to write themselves, ideas were backed up for weeks on end.  Filling this page was not so hard to do.

What was happening then, that well, isn't happening now?  The answer my friend, was that I was in crisis.  I was trying to sort out what was happening to me, to my family.  Things have dramatically settled down.  Almost with a thump.  We have gone from bouncing around, contemplating life, trying to understand it's meaning, being on the roller coaster of emotions, to basically living well.

 When things are calm, there isn't much to say.  Who wants to read, got up, had a pretty good day all things considered, went to bed.  It is not that inspiring.  It certainly isn't interesting! 

The drama that is happening around me, like I said in the beginning is not something I can talk about right now.  That said, it is interesting to look at this person who is an important being in my life going through the roller coaster of emotions, but have it NOT be me.  I am sort of detached.  I listen, and then assign homework so that this person can take steps towards getting things done and ultimately achieving the objective.

I try really hard to impress upon my friend that this too shall pass, and things will settle down.  Perhaps even with a thump.  It might be a long and bumpy road, but it will be alright. 

The take away from today, is that no matter what is going on, it will be alright at some point, and there is always someone else worse off than you.

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