Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wonder what he thought

While at knitting a couple of Sunday's ago, there was a late 20's early 30's guy sitting in one of the chairs near us.  The chairs are all lined up on in a row.  A couple of folks in our group were clustering around the chair at the end of the row.  As the group grew, and more people left the chairs on the window, a few of us jumped into them, thus expanding our group in such a way that this guy was sitting in the middle of us.

Now, knit group conversation can be as mundane as chatter about the weather, yarn, needles, questions about patterns and what not.  OR we can talk about men, sex, crazy families, boob jobs, periods, etc.  Pretty much, nothing is scared at knit group.  We have scared off many potential members by our lack of boundaries... but that is what makes us a really fun group.  At least in my humble opinion.

Anyway, this week was no different and the conversation turned to discussing various men and comb overs.  I of course blurt out, I think bald men are hot.  This is met with a chorus of agreement.  The guy sitting in the middle pretending to read, was suddenly even more interested it us.  We then started to talk about all the unexpected things we like about various men.  Needless to say, he probably fit the bill on a number of them, but most likely feared that he was a bit nerdy.  Yeah, we watched him too...

I would love to have talked to him afterward, to hear his opinion of the experience.  I wonder what he said about us.  I imagine that he said that knitting groups sure aren't a bunch of old ladies sitting around talking about their bursitis. 

This hip knitter, signing off till next time.

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  1. too funny! i used to talk about girl stuff in front of one of my guy friends in an attempt to faze him. he was always so mild-mannered and neutral about things. i would talk about tampons to see if i could freak him out. lol!