Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wishing for a camera

A picture is worth a thousand words.  But, alas, I find myself without my camera, so I will describe to you the funny things I saw today that I thought, dang it, I wish I had my camera.

First off is the pepto-bismol pink hummer that someone drives to the gym.  I really, really, really, want to see the owner, but sadly, I have not.  It looks something like this. 

That makes me giggle when ever I see it.  Seriously, who buys gas for this thing?  Who buys a car like this?  It is so pre-recession.  I love to imagine what the owner looks like.

Then, of course there is the party girls limo.  I saw it parked at the Burger King.  Because that is where girls go to party, in their pink limo, let me tell you.  Burger King is it.  But sadly, no camera, it looks something like this:

Then of course there was the purple low-rider that I followed into the gym today.  It was a big day let me tell you.  I can not find an image that is similar to this, but it was awesome.  Bright purple F-150 pickup.  The kind that usually rides tall, lowered.  Takes you right back to cruisin' on State.

Once I arrived at the gym, after being completely amused by the cars, I went into the men's locker room, turned women's locker room.  There is a waste basket over-flowing with tampon boxes and wrappers under the urinals.  That killed me, I think I may be the only one who got the joke.  Oh, and the urinals were wrapped in pink plastic bags.

Wish I had my camera today.

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  1. i find that the cutest things happen on shabbat and that is when i don't have a camera because i'm not allowed to take pictures. once my older son was feeding cake to his little girl friend like they were a bride and groom. i was laughing so hard that i was crying. and of course, it happened on shabbat!