Thursday, March 25, 2010

Moving Day

Moving Day.  It is a day that is the end of a chapter, the beginning of a new chapter.  In my life I have moved a lot.  There was a time when I joked that if I ran out of checks, who uses those much any more, I moved.  Since I have been married, I have moved less.  Bob seems to be a stabilizing force in my life!

Today, walking to school we saw a mover truck in front of a neighbors house.  This truck was moving people out.  I am sure another will move people in.  The kids and I all had a reaction to the truck.

Sam, was interested in the truck.  He wanted very badly to go over and look at it more closely.  He noticed all the differences between this truck and our truck.  The name, the rig pulling the trailer didn't have a sleeping cab on it, etc.

Hannah, thought the they guys didn't look as nice as Mr. Steve, from Paul Arpin.  We love him.  We also love Paul Arpin.

Mac, remembered when our truck pulled up.  He said that it was raining that day.  Which is was, sort of like today.  He said that he was very happy to see his stuff, after having it in storage for a month.  But, he said, he was also sort of sad because it meant we were really never going back to Connecticut.  I asked him if he would like to go back now.  He said no, that he likes it here.

As for me, one of the images in the slide show of my life is the Paul Arpin truck pulling away from my house, heading around the bend, with all my stuff in it.  The truck was going to Rhode Island.  Mr. Steve was an oddly large part of my life at that moment, he packed me, he shepherded my stuff from Rhode Island for storage and then back to Illinois for me.  He liked us, and he treated our stuff like gold.  He even called me when he found the casters for Sam's bed when the swept out the truck.  He was willing to come by my house to drop them off before he left town.  That is the kind of mover you want. 

Mr. Steve also talked to me about the perils of living in temporary housing for a month.  In his understated way, he told me it was going to suck and that I was going to hug him when I saw him again.  He was right.  I didn't' hug him, but I told him I did hug the truck. 

When he finally left, with a honk of the horn, he signaled the end of one chapter in my life and the beginning of another.  If I ever move again, I want Mr. Steve to do it.  Really Paul Arpin Movers and Mr. Steve are the best.

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  1. i'm glad you had good movers. we had a moving headache when we were in nj. the first time the moving truck was too big for our driveway and street. then they lost and damaged some things and wouldn't take responsibility. ugh! the second time (just down the street), we hired some cheap movers and they kept changing the price on us and wasting our time by shouting to their customer service department in polish. we lucked out with our movers to maryland. maybe that was a sign in itself!