Saturday, March 20, 2010

Not a cloud in the sky

This is a post that was scheduled to run last week, and for some reason didn't.... we won't talk about that!

Mac has been working furiously on a performance at religious school.  His class has been learning their parts, creating props, putting together a very cute arrangement of Mother Goose tales, in Hebrew.

In order to complete this task, Mac had to use my umbrella for his rendition of Rain of on the Green Grass.  Of course, his teacher requested that all props be left at school.  So Mac left my umbrella at hebrew school.  You can see where this is going... you see the week between when he left the umbrella and when he did the performance, it rained.  Yes, it rained, it poured and the old man snored.

My umbrella is a golf sized, rainbow colored umbrella.  It is big and bright and oh so much fun.  I bought it because when we moved all our umbrellas disappeared, poof.  I had walked to school in the rain for a year, and decided that I was over it, so I spend the $20 and bought a new one.  It is the only umbrella in the house.  So, leaving it at hebrew school, left me out in the rain.

A friend of mine hooked me up with a loaner umbrella.  This was very kind of her, and we used it.  Then, we had the Shabbaton, more on this tomorrow, and I got my umbrella back.  So, her umbrella sat by my door, so I could remember to take it back to her.  I see her every day at pick up.  For a week I forgot.  Then, on a beautiful clear 65 degree day, not a cloud in the sky, I remember.  I walked to school, carring her large golf sized, blue and white umbrella.  Did I mention there was not a cloud in the sky?

I got looks from people driving by.  I had cat calls from teenagers out of windows.  A few folks stopped and asked me what I knew that they didn't.  I walk 2 blocks to get to the school, on residential streets.  There is not a lot of traffic generally.  The kids walking back to class after an assembly stopped to look for clouds, and then informed me that there were none in the sky.  Even the teachers looked at me a bit cross eyed.

Seriously, hasn't anyone ever returned a loaner umbrella?

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