Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Three things

Three things.  Laurie Perry over at did a post about the three things she is thankful for.  It got me thinking.  It has been a hard day kid wise... what three things am I thankful for...

1)  My friends who have been an amazing source of support.  They understand why I am upset about things, they laugh at my jokes, and they read my blog.  They are there with yarn and ice cream if needed.  I could not have made it through the last 18 months without them.

2)  My husband.  He works very hard and is very dedicated to his family.  He lets me do what I want to do without question.  He is always available to watch the kids, should there be an alpaca farm to visit or yarn tour or trip to the spa.  He loves me for what I am, what I could be, and what I am not.  The good, the bad and the ugly, pretty much without complaint.  I am a lucky girl.

3)  Free Turkeys.  Seriously, life with 45 pounds of free meat in ones freezer is a darn good one.

What are your three things?

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