Friday, November 20, 2009


We have rules in our house.  Most of the rules have been created to solve a problem.  Such as the no electronics in the morning before school.  It solves the problem of no one being ready on time and freaking out because they have to do everything all at the last minute. 

A greater proportion of rules in my house have been created because Mac needs so much structure.  The breakfast menu was enacted because Mac could not decide what he wanted to eat and had a major melt down every morning. 

Some rules have been created to keep order in my life.  The one rule I have, to save my sanity, is if Mommy is in the potty, NO fighting.  I don't really care what he did to you.  I don't care if your sister took your toy.  If I am on the toilet, unless the house is on fire, please do not bother me.

Seriously, if I need to move my bowels, the kids need to have some drag out fight.  I hate it.  At what point to I get to poop in peace.  I have complained about this before, but I can not express enough how much it annoys me to start my day with the kids fighting while I am trying to poop.  I ask for this every year for my birthday and the holidays... I want to poop in peace for 1 day.

Well, someday, I suppose they will be out of the house I will be wishing for the days when their voices filled the silence.  But for now, I want want to poop in private.

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