Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Play by Play

The Thanksgiving Day play by play.  As a kid, my mom got up at o-dark-fourty to start cooking, and was in the kitchen all day.  Was that just a ploy to avoid my Grandmother or did she really need to cook all day?  I thought today I would find out.  I did not do any prep before the big day, except to shop and defrost and brine the turkey.  I know I have all the ingredients on hand, but can I pull it off and still have time to knit and blog?  Let's see!

8:30  After sleeping in, I wake, grab a sweat shirt and go eat breakfast and read the Black Friday ads.
9:00  A few warm up exercises, to prep for the big day of cooking
9:15  Make pumpkin pie, with fresh pumpkin and crust from scratch  (My Mom used canned)
9:30  Put pie in oven.
9:45  Turn down oven and settle into some knitting and watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade, while toying with the idea of also making an apple pie, really isn't it all about desert?
11:00  Finally convinced that we need a second pie
11:30  Put apple pie, with crust from scratch into the oven, and work on hat for Mac's teacher
12:30  Pull out turkey, stuff with lemons and dressing
1:00   Put turkey in the oven
1:05  Take shower
1:30  Watch UP with the kids and knit
3:30  Discover someone left the freeze open and most of my 100 lbs of meat is defrosted, all the ice cream is ruined.
4:00  Start to cook meat from freezer so as not to loose all the meat.  Discover not all it totally lost, but have about 15 pounds to cook up ASAP, and about 15 more can be cooked tomorrow.  The rest is not defrosted and can be refrozen, according to my mom.
4:30  Finish potatoes, putting steaks in the crock pot, make stuffing, set table, drink 1/2 bottle of wine
5:00  Drink other 1/2 bottle of wine, and eat dinner
5:30  Put turkey carcass in stock pot to make broth, open new bottle of wine
6:00  Drink dessert
6:30  Eat pie... there are 2 of them

Realize that it does not take all day to make Thanksgiving dinner, but it is hard not to be in the kitchen all day.  It seems someone wants something all the time.

OH, and we have about 5 pounds each of beef and sundried tomates, orange chicken and BBQ beef, not to mention the Thanksgiving left overs.  Guess I won't have to cook for a while.  Tomorrow I will make mexican chicken and beef for enchilladas and tacos.

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