Friday, November 6, 2009


Don't get to excited, we didn't celebrate a job offer, but after 5 long, dry months, it seems like it might be starting to rain.  So, we celebrated.  This process of finding a new opportunity has been hard on all of us.  Not just Bob, not just me, but the kids too.  Since we have had a lot of good news on the job front, we decided it was time to celebrate the win.

We went to Culvers, toasted our current good fortune with milk shakes and spritenaide.  We ate in a restaurant where they bring you your food.  Yes, you order off a menu on the wall at the front of the store, but hey, someone brought me my food.  This is the first time we have spent money to go out to eat as a family since all of this started.  It was a fun surprise for everyone.

We hope that this brush with good luck continues, that we are able to put this experience behind us and focus on the future, soon.  I have said it once, I will say it again, pray for us to make good choices, and to be able to find the opportunity that puts in the right place.  But, most of all pray for a job offer.

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