Monday, November 9, 2009

Things I love

1)  Mr. J is back.  In a cacophony of car horns, yelling of welcome back, hugs and high fives, our crossing guard returned to work after being off for about a month.  All is right with the world and order is restored to our little corner.  Mr. J is back.

2)  Knitting on Monday mornings with M.  Yeah, this helps with the goal of a knitting group everyday.

3)  Scarves hanging from trees and hats in a circle.

4)  That Hannah puts her poop in the potty.

5)  The Dizzy Sheep.  Seriously, the best prices, the best service, the funniest blog.  LOVE that sheep.

6)  Sheep in general, but the Dizzy one is my fav.

7)  That K is back from vacation.

8)  Free food and food they pay me to take out of the store.

9)  S because she is my favorite born-again, muslim lesbian friend, don't worry her husband is ok with it.

10)  That my knitting group is diverse, open minded and generally supportive of everyone.  All we have in common is that we knit.

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