Wednesday, September 23, 2009

School Days

Parenting is not always hugs and kisses.  Sometimes your kid comes home from school bubbling over with excitement about the day.  Other days, you get emails, that start with Mrs. Lang, I would like to tell you about the day I had with your son.  When they call me Mrs. Lang, it is NEVER good.  For some reason, they know my last name when they have good news. 

Mac forgot to write down the spelling assignment, and as a result, did not do the homework.  The consequence for this is missing recess and going to Get It Done club.  Mac had Battle of the Books at recess, and he told this to the teacher.  Teacher, let him get out of GIDC, so he could go to BOB.  They had indoor recess.  Mac decides not to go to BOB, but goes to recess instead.  About 10 minutes into recess, Teacher realizes Mac is there, and well, I get an email about it.

Mac tells a slightly different story, where he talked to the teacher a couple of times before the teacher realizes that Mac is not where he is supposed to be.  I can sort of imagine that is correct.  Mac is very engaging and funny.  I am sure they swapped jokes, had a few laughs, and then it hit the teacher like a ton of bricks.  Wait a cotton pickin' minute, this kid is not supposed to be here, he is supposed to be at GIDC.  Oh, to be a fly on the wall at that moment.

While, I am not happy about what happened, it is kinda funny.  Stupid kid, you ditch BOB, and then go hang out in the classroom with the teacher?  Duh.  Clearly, a life of crime is probably not in my son's future.

I never like it when I have to talk to the teachers.  It is always a tough balance between being supportive and wondering what the hell they are thinking about.  Sometimes, I think they pick on Mac just to get their jollys out.  Today, I get to talk to another teacher about doing just that.  How do you tell a teacher that they are being mean, without alienating the teacher?  The teacher isn't always right.  In this case this teacher is wrong, and needs to apologize to Mac, but I really doubt that will happen.  But how do I explain the situation so that they don't get pissed at me?  I pray for patience and that God will give me the right words when I sit down with her.  I hope that I find the grace to help her be a part of the team of people helping my son, not part of the team of people bringing him down.  I was sort of hoping that the adults would be on board, even if the kids weren't.

Well, for now, we wait and see.  Wish me luck.

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