Sunday, September 20, 2009

A list for today

  1. I wonder if the library has any Zimmerman books... probably not.
  2. I hate driving Bob's car.
  3. Kids like Bugs Bunny.
  4. This causes them to ask why the rabbits in our back yard died though.
  5. Circle of life conversations are not fun.
  6. Mommy, how to the baby bunnies get in the mommy bunny?
  7. Some questions you don't want to answer..... but you do
  8. So, did Daddy do that to you to get me into your tummy?
  9. Suddenly, I have to go potty.
  10. Storks, they rock.  I am all about the stork.
  11. Almost 150 squares... this will never end, it barely covers my ankles....
  12. The blanket is about wide enough to be a tallit... Bob now wants a knitted tallit.
  13. Suddenly, I hear the kids calling, they have questions about babies.
  14. Does knitting make it all better?

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