Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I know I promised pictures, but the camera battery wasn't charged, and I wasn't waiting for it to do that.  I wanted to pop that bad boy in the mail.  As was expected, my Dish Rag Tag box showed up right when I was going to get the kids at school.  Typical!

I cast on as soon as I got home and whipped that rag out in about 2 hours.  Not bad!!  It came out good enough. 

My pretty package contained some lovely mini skeins for my blanket.  Clearly the tagger had been doing a little light internet stalking to pick something she knew I would love... It paid off and I love my yarnie goodness.  I want to hug my little babies.  They will get their pictures taken once the camera is back in commission.  (Waiting, it is good practice.)

The picture on the card was of rabbits... I am not sure if that was an accident or on purpose.  Either way it cracked me up. 

Now, my part of the game is over.  We are in the lead, but it is still any ones game.  So, we wait.

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