Saturday, September 19, 2009


There is this blog out there called throwing quarters, which can be found at, it is about this man and his family.  It is very interesting to read about parenting from the father's perspective.  I don't really ever talk to Bob about how he feels about parenting.  I tend to feel that the heavy lifting on that particular job falls to me.  Why would I care about the way he feels about it, he doesn't really do any of it.

That probably is not, ok, is not without the qualifier, a fair description.  Bob just deals with the kids differently than I do.  Mostly he ignores them.  That sounds horrible, but he ignores their tantrums, and lets them do what they are going to do without trying to control everything.  I feel this overwhelming need to control it all.  By the end of the day I am tired from controlling and want to run away from home.  Bob, calmly puts everyone to bed and deals with the whine time.  He struggles on how to deal with Mac, but then don't we all?

Sure, I am the one who deals with all the poop and pee of parenting.  The 2ps if you will.  He never seems to be home when one of the kids pees all over the toilet, or when someone needs their butt wiped because they had a BIG poop.  That is the difference between what I do and what he does.  He gets to participate in a greater proportion of the fun stuff and a smaller part of the 2ps.

Dad's are important.  With out them, kids don't learn a lot of things.  Girls who do not think that their Dad's think they are pretty tend to have sex earlier.  Boys need a Dad to show them the right way to treat women.  While most Dad's miss out on much of the 2ps, they are still an important part of the equation.  I try and remember this when I am sitting in pee for the 8th time that day.  Or when I am the one cleaning poop out of the underwear (don't tell me to buy new ones, that isn't practical).  Dads do things differently, and I don't think that means the love their kids less, or that their way is wrong.  So, thanks to chronic blogger at throwing quarters for reminding me of this.

Now, to see if I can figure out a way to have Bob deal with more of the 2ps....

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