Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The First Day

Hannah is a big girl now.  She started pre-school.  All went smoothly.  There was one moment, when I was concerned.  We had started for school and were about half way there, and Hannah remembers that she forgot her blanket.  She was very upset that she forgot Stinky.  I was biting my nails, we did not have time to turn back and get it.

She rallied, because FluFlu was going to lend Hannah her blanket.  Since Hannah had a friend to walk into school with she thought she would be ok, especially if blanket was in the car when she got out of school.  FluFlu and Hannah leaped out of the car and ran into school.  They didn't even look back. 

At the end of the day, Hannah had lots of stories to tell.  FluFlu didn't even need to come home with us!  Hannah was very happy to see blanket.  But, once she gave blanket a big hug, she was bubbling with stories about painting, playing, cleaning up and going outside. 

This morning she woke up ready to go to school again.  I have not seen FluFlu recently.  Maybe she won't be going to school with us tomorrow.

I am proud of my baby.  She is doing so well with the transition from home to school.  I miss my baby too, but I guess that is part of parenting, helping them learn to stand on their own.  Or at least on their own with FluFlu and blanket.

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