Tuesday, September 29, 2009


My in-laws left.  The house is back to it's original state, just a stiff wind from crumbling under the clutter.  All 3 kids are at school.  Bob is out doing what ever it is he does during the day.  I am home, in the peace and quiet.

The problem is that there is not one but two cakes in this house.  One vanilla with chocolate fudge frosting and the other apple spice with cream cheese frosting. There is also fresh basil/cheese bread.  So many yummy left overs that seem to be screaming my name.  Come just have one piece.

We all know how that story ends, one piece turns into no more cake or bread in the house.  I am hosting our neighborhood luncheon today, so the people coming will enjoy the cake and bread.  Hopefully take it out of my house so I can sit here and enjoy the peace, without needing a piece.

I also have no intention of cleaning up for these people.  Nope.  Let the dog hair bunnies answer the doors and chase the kids around.  I am pooped!

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