Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What happened when Dizzy came..

We had some questions:

1)  Why didn't Alpaca sign Dizzy's traveling book?  Are they in a fight?  Did Alpaca not attend the going away party?  Dizzy has been remarkably stoic on the topic. 

2)  Flat Fred, Flat Fred, Flat Fred... the fans have spoken and we want Fred too...

3)  Does Dizzy have liability insurance because there was a small incident at the library and well, there might be some financial remuneration required.

Now, on to what Dizzy did while he was here...

Right after Dizzy arrived, he went to the Battle of the Books at the library, where there was the aforementioned incident.  We won't talk about that, because they are still sorting out the whole thing.  When he arrived back at our house, all was well, he had a clover milkshake and some burgers.  He was a bit upset that the large man in the house kept suggesting lamb chops.  There was also the 4 year old who kept hugging him.  But, after a while he settled in, watched some My Little Pony and went to bed in his custom designed bed, designed by the 9 year old.  I think he slept well, because he was still sleeping when it was time to go to Preschool.  We woke him up.

Preschool was a good time.  Dizzy enjoyed the snacks, learning his letters and meeting the kids.  The teachers appeared a bit frazzled at pick up but no one was talking about the situation.  The Director told the 4 year old to never bring a sheep to school again.  According to the 4 year old, Dizzy was a good sheep.  The other kids enjoyed meeting him.

After Preschool, Dizzy needed a little down time.  He took a nap in his custom bed, read a little Flat Stanley and made new friends.  Pig, Ram and Dizzy all got into the crayons, and did a bit of redecorating.  The large man is now going to repaint.  It is tiring to chase a sheep all day.

I took Dizzy to knit group.  He behaved well, posed for a few pictures with the cats, signed a few autographs, ate some nibbles, and sheeped it up.  Dizzy had a great time, and everyone loved seeing him!!

Finally, Dizzy, enjoyed hanging out at our house on Friday.  Well, mostly, until the 4 year old was read the blog post about Dizzy's luggage and set about making Dizzy some clothes... Dizzy seemed a bit reluctant to have his picture taken.  After wearing a pink tutu for some time, Dizzy took advantage of an on-going light saber duel to "man" it up a bit.  That sheep can really wield a light saber.

We could not take him to our dinner engagement that night, so we left him at home with a bunch of snacks, the remote and directions on how to play with the Wii.  When we got home, Dizzy had rearranged my yarn stash.  It seemed he felt like all his yarn was in my house, which was partially true... you would think he would remember packing all those orders.

After a busy couple of days, lots of love and hugs, we tearfully bid Dizzy farewell.  The 4 year old was devastated that her sheep left and offered to let Dizzy move in.. so, should Dizzy ever tire of East Rochester, he always has a place with us.  Should at the end of his journeys, any Dizzy doubles need homes, let us know, we would be happy to adopt.

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  1. Sounds like Dizzy had a great trip. I hope your household survives! ;)