Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What I can't say....

We can not always get what we want.  As the song goes, sometimes we get what we need.  It is hard to be a parent.  It is hard to manage your emotions and respond to your child when you see someone treating them unfairly, at least in their eyes.  It is especially hard in Chicago, where SAD (seasonal affective disorder) is high.  As we have not seen the sun in ages.

I am tired of battling for Mac.  I am tired of trying to get him to see if from the other persons perspective.  I wish just once, someone could see things from his perspective.  Just once someone could try and understand how much it would mean to him, to me.  They could see how much it hurts him.  Of course, when it hurts him, it hurts me.

I am tired of always being on the look out for the thing that will make him explode.  I tend to put myself into situations that do not involved me, when it comes to Mac.  As a result, I will tell you, I tend to get upset and then we don't have dinner.  If someone screws with dinner, Bob is mad and then the whole house is in chaos.

This week has not been a strong week.  We made it to the orthodontist appointment.  It didn't go well.  I had to deal with a crisis with Mac.  So, going into today, I was already tired.  I had already used up my reserves of energy and then another crisis.  If we have another one tomorrow, I am not sure I can handle it.

So, until we can actually see the sun and go outside, I just hope that someone will recognize the good things about my kid.  Just once I would love to get an email about something he has done that is good and not bad.  Just once I would like someone to stop him and hand out an atta boy.  I suspect his teacher might, but I am greedy here, maybe someone else could too.

Once the sun comes out, we will all feel better.. this makes me wonder if you can purchase UV flood lights.  So, thanks for reading, I am off to look into UV flood lights.  If you think of something nice to say about my kid, there is a comment section, have at it.


  1. I don't know Mac or what is going on with him. All I can say is "this too shall pass." I was angsty growing up from being at the bottom of the social food chain. My parents tried to understand what I was going through, but managed to make me feel worse about it in the process. The one thing that kept me going was having friends outside of my school (such as a certain mutual friend of ours), as well as pen pals. Again, I don't know the whole story and don't know if you're up for revealing more. See if you can find something that he would really enjoy doing, like a sport, class, hobby, etc. Support that enjoyment of his.

  2. I love Mac. Though something tells me you already knew that, but I wanted to say it again.

    I'm constantly amazed by his ability to articulate his thoughts at such a young age. It's also fun to play the Wii with him as well.

    Those are just a few good things about Mac. I hope that helps!