Thursday, February 4, 2010

Random thoughts

  • Somethings I don't get and I find them disturbing
  • If you are going to send someone something creepy, let 'em know before it arrives
  • The upside, the package also contained money for a coat.
  •  Southern thing?  Maybe
  • This picture of the kid is the most disturbing of the lot... hmm, I am used to seeing those pictures, so I guess it wasn't shocking.
  • The day the creepy pictures came, I died
  • Fold, Folded, Folding
  • Pop
  • Cleaning up, putting the dishes away, changing into jammies, your still here?
    • Soccer, BOB, RE, oh my
    • Driving along in my automobile
    • Wish I could knit and drive


    1. what is with the creepy pictures?

    2. oh, how nice would that be if you could knit and drive at the same time.