Tuesday, February 23, 2010

People you see

I was in line at the grocery store today, and I saw someone I thought I knew.  I wasn't sure who she was until I walked out of the store.  She was a mom I met once or twice at MOMS Club event.  She clearly didn't recognized me, or choose to ignore me.  I was purchasing steaks and she was purchasing organic rabbit food, and she made a sort of nasty comment about it, so I am assuming she didn't recognize me.

The thing is, that in spite of the fact that I have seen other members of the club at other events, this one seemed to get to me.  When they were openly ignoring me and being sort of nasty, for some reason that didn't bother me.  I was able to rise above it.  But, seeing this one person, reminded me of how important this club was to me in the past. 

In all honesty, I do not miss the club.  There are very few things that are even scheduled at a time when I could go.  Hannah is too old for most of the stuff any way and in all reality, I have out-grown them.  I think seeing this one mom, took me back to a time when I loved and enjoyed what I was doing.  It was a nice place to visit.

That said, I am busy enough, have enough on my plate and have relationships with people that share common values with me.  I under-estimated how difficult it would be to find like minded people here in the middle of the country.  But, now that things have settled down with our lives, it seems like things are starting to look up in this area of our lives too.

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  1. i'm glad you figured out where you feel comfortable now. sorry seeing that woman was unnerving though. i used to do parent groups and never really felt connected to the moms. i even tried doing one here, but they always meet when i'm busy or during shabbos. it doesn't matter since i have a great community here.