Saturday, February 27, 2010

Project Plan

I have a new plan... I am going to set some monthly goals for my various long term knitting projects.  I will report on the last Sunday of every month how I am doing on those goals.  I feel like if I put them in writing some place, maybe I will keep them!! 

1.  Knit 1 hank of yarn on my February Lady Sweater

2.  Knit 15 squares on my sock yarn blanket

For March, I want to accomplish the following:

1.  Finish my Cookie A socks

2.  Finish my December sock club socks

3.  Make a sheep for Hannah's teacher

4.  Start my pin-wheel scarf

That sounds like a busy month.  I hope I can keep to it!

In other unrelated news, there is talk of eliminating Mac's advanced reading program.  We are devastated by this, and I am sure I will find myself embroiled in a very heated battle to try and change this.  So, if I get behind on blog posts, know I am off fighting the man.  Any ideas about winning, please let me know.  I think I am writing a press release to send to the papers.

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