Monday, February 8, 2010


After I watched the SuperBowl, and I stayed tuned and watched that new show Undercover CEO.  Having spent a fair share of time in the corporate world, I thought it would be interesting.  First off, I was surprised that none of these people realized that this new guy Gary was the CEO.  I have worked for some big companies, Stanley Works is a 4 billion dollar company.  It has plants all over the world, and if the CEO of the company walked in the office, I sure as hell would have known who he was.  I can't imagine that the plant folks that worked in my plants would not have known who he was either.

Also, I thought it really curious that the female truck driver had all her buddies come out and give her gifts and sing her praises on that one day.  Interesting how that was all a coordinated effort.  I don't know it seemed a bit scripted to me. 

It was also interesting that all the people he worked with had some sort of personal issue and that the CEO was surprised by that.  He opened the show by talking about his personal issues.  We all have personal issues.  Some of us are going to loose our houses.  What percentage of the country is in foreclosure?  It would stand to reason that at least an equivalent percentage of those folks, if not higher work for Waste Management. 

I agree that the secretary did a bang up job, but that he should be surprised by that is amazing to me.  I bet there are dozens of other folks in that company that do a bang up job.  Why was she chosen to be in the spot light?  Just goes to show you that luck and location play a big role in the direction of your life and your career. 

I could go on, I am still curious enough to watch next week when the CEO from Hooters goes down.  I probably will have some observations after that.  Till then, you work for a big corporation, might behoove you to know what your CEO looks like.

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