Thursday, February 18, 2010

Parental Power of Knitting

A lot of my posts are inspired by someone else.  Today is no different.  I was reading UnCool Mom, and she was talking about the power of reading.  Not how reading as the parent creates the positive environment for you to create little readers, but how it shifts the power in her relationship with her kids.  I thought, oh, yeah, that is what knitting does for me.

The power of parental knitting for me is that when I have to go and wait for the kids at some school function or a doctors appointment it is like bliss.  I don't pace around looking at my watch wondering when they will be done, I just sit and work on my little project, happy as a clam.

The pediatrician decided that Hannah had a speech delay.  She does not have a speech delay, but rather a fear of doctors.  She will not speak to doctors, and when she does, she uses a high pitched play voice.  It is her, I don't really want to talk to you, so I won't I will have Flaffy, my friend, do the talking, voice.  Because of this I had to have her speech evaluated.

A speech evaluation, if done through the school district for FREE, requires me to attend a screening.  I have to sit in a conference room for 90 minutes with 5 other moms.  Sure there was some chatting, but not as much as you might expect.  They were all sitting there, looking around and I busted out my knitting.  I was super happy to have this newly found time to get some work done on my sock.  It was the best.  Of course then we had to have a speech evaluation.  I drop Hannah off, get all comfy in the waiting area and start working.  I am barely through one pattern repeat and Hannah comes bounding in--done.  She passed with flying colors.  No speech therapy for her.

While I wasn't totally excited about driving her across town for speech therapy, (across town is like 15 minutes so, cry me a river), I was looking forward to the hour where I had to sit and wait.  I was pretty sure it would work out pretty well.  I had visions of sitting in a comfy chair, or a hard backed wooden one, knitting away with no one to bug me.

I look forward to gymnastics, where I have to wait for an hour, because it is an hour where no one bugs me and I can work on my projects.  It is great.  I am never adverse to taking the kids someplace where I have to wait.  Waiting is fine with me.  UnCool Mom talks about how her kids make her wait to punish her.  I don't think my kids will try that, they know I like to wait.  I get all excited about waiting.  Love a good wait, do I!

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  1. No wonder we get along so well!!! I am the same way. I have a book with me all the time in anticipation of waiting. My kids are able to play in the waiting room at the pediatrician's office without my help, so I have my book to keep me entertained. I had both my book and my knitting with me yesterday while waiting for my older son's surgery to be done. It's nice to have downtime here and there. :)