Sunday, February 21, 2010


I have been busy lately.  I am doing yet another knitting competition.  Yeah, I know I do a lot of them.  Anyway, this one is tied to the Olympics.  I don't really care about getting a medal, I just want to finish.

I am making a log cabin blanket.  I started this blanket in October, worked on it for about 2 weeks, loving how the colors came together.  Then, I got tired of it.  I put it in the bag and let it rest.  I would pull it out periodically, as there is a deadline for finishing, it is a baby present.  But, basically, this project was hibernating, because it was beginning to become a much bigger project than I originally imagined. 

When the Ravelympics came along, I thought perfect, this will motivate me to finish this massive undertaking I have started.  So, I have knit furiously day and night on this thing.  I have finished all the colored pieces, and am not about to start the border.  I felt that some sort of celebration was due, since I finished some part of this project.  So, YEAH ME!!  I need cheer-paca to come on by and join me. 

On Monday, when I was slightly ahead of schedule, I felt that I could also bust out a stuffed animal for this friend.  So I signed up for that too... What was I crazy?  I still have the boarder to finish and now a hippo?  I am starting to wonder what they do to team members who sign up for more stuff than they can ever finish in a timely manner?  Is there a flogging or a time out, do they take your needles away?

I forgot, when I committed to do more, that I had a Party on Thursday and an outing on Friday.  That basically I was losing two days due to social commitments, that going into Saturday I would be behind.  So, I am not a full two days behind, I wonder if this will be possible.  But, at least I am done with the color part of this... all that is left, is one simple border.  I can do it, yes I can.  Ok, Cheer-paca, take over:

Kay-en- eye-tee what's that spell, knit!

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