Monday, February 22, 2010

Can't tell then can't remember

Sometimes things happen that beg and plead to be a blog post, but the problem is that I try very hard to only tell my story, and not the story of anyone else.  Lately, life for me has been pretty boring.  Even my kids are not doing anything funny.

Sure, today we have to go to the orthodontist.  Yes, I went last Monday, because when I wrote down the appointment I saw that it was on Washington's birthday.  For some reason, that became Presidents' Day in my head and we showed up at the orthodontist at 4:00 last Monday, only to find the office closed.  When I returned home, I realized that the mistake was indeed mine.

Yes, I had a long, passionate conversation with the librarian about the book I was CERTAIN I had returned.  Only to ask Mac about it and to have him come trotting downstairs 5 minutes later with the book in his hand.  The up-shot is that the book I was insisting I returned was not actually the book that they were looking for, so at least I haven't totally lost my mind.

It would be accurate to assert that when a friend of mine told me she was planning to come to my party tonight, I responded, oh, I am so sorry, we will miss seeing you.  Her response was confusion, your going to miss me, but I am coming?  Upon re-reading her statement, I saw, she did indeed say she was coming, and I read it at a regret.  I need to learn to read.

You are totally correct that when asked when Sam's birthday was, I answered in all honesty with Hannah's birthday.  Only to have the lady at the Park District say to me, umm, your daughter's birthday is that day too, are you sure about the date?  I did get the year correct, because I do know how old he is, at least today.

Yes, it is true, that I am completely unable to get out of my own way.  It is somewhat amazing I don't get lost when I return home from taking the kids to school.  It would seem I do enough things that are interesting all on my own, but sometimes things happen that I feel the need to espouse some poignant opinion on.  Sadly, this story, is not mine to tell, and if I did even talk about the subject matter in a philosophical way, I would be betraying the trust of the friend who has shared his/her story with me.  So, today, you will just have to know, that there could have been a good post, but in the spirit of keeping a secret, I am not sharing.  Sadly, once I can share, I will probably have forgotten about what I wanted to say.

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