Saturday, February 13, 2010

Finished Objects, for this year

Today some finished objects... I have been holding out on sharing some of my goodies, because I was making some gifts.  But, they have all been distributed.  Today I will share with you all the things I have made since the 1st of the year, minus the 2 pairs of death socks.  I have already shared those with ya!

So, I made some socks...

My Holiday socks, from the kits Bob gave me.

My Birthday socks, from the kit I gave me.

First cabled socks, in a yarn I love... I love the color and I love how it feels!

Then some gifts:

A hat for L's b-day.  I hope the pink was the right color to match her coat.  I had just pink and black work with, so I took a flyer with it!

A hat for A's b-day.  Hannah loves this hat, so I think another young girl will like it too! 

I also included an up-close shot of the flower I made.  I had some buttons around, and this one seemed to be perfect to provide some 3-year old bling!

Pig. I made this for A as well, but in the time from being completed to getting shipped out, Pig met a celebrity (Dizzy) and hung out with him, including posing for some pictures.  We were all sad when Pig climbed into his mailing envelope and headed out.  We hope A loves Pig, if she doesn't we would be happy to provide a home for wayward Pigs.  Of course I have enough yarn to make another Pig, so we may end up with Pig II here.  We are all waiting to see what A's reaction to Pig is, we hope that he was received, because poor Pig does not want to remain stuck in a mailing envelope for ever, even if Dizzy gave him some pointers!

Finally a work in progress, a blanket I am making for a friend who is pregnant.  I hope she loves it.

Thanks for lookin'!  I have been busy since the beginning of the year!


  1. these are amazing!!! i love the pink hat with the flower. that's my favorite. i want one for myself now! :)

  2. i still want a hat w the flowers and bling. oh, and that pig! maybe i'll do that if i ever finish my blankie.

    everything looks great!