Friday, February 5, 2010


So, it was my turn to host the neighborhood party.  I sent out the evites, and got people to agree to come.  Then, the realization that my house looks like a Haitian wrinkle in time sets in.  Seriously there are folks who have been through an earthquake have cleaner houses than mine.

I set about the task of getting this place in order.  But you know, there was the whole Sock Wars distraction AND Dizzy coming, there was a lot to get in order.  This is made worse by the fact that a great majority of the people coming to this little party have never seen the inside of my house.  Or at least haven't seen it since I have lived in it.

My house was for sale FOR EVER.  Apparently longer than even I knew, because one of the people at the party told me she always wondered about this house, because it was so expensive, too expensive for them when they bought FOUR years ago.  Of course we paid too much for it, but still less than this woman in question paid for hers.

Anyway, because my house was for sale for so long, there is a lot of curiosity about it in the neighborhood.  A couple of people were coming to the party because they wanted to see my house.  Groovy... that means my house needs to be for sale showing clean.  Not just regular clean.  Not knit group party clean, but real estate agent clean.

I of course have not done anything to said house in so long that the dust bunnies are holding elections for the third time.  The new liaison between dust bunnies and home owners is being selected.  There is always a lot of angst about the vacuum. Fortunately, the incumbent had done a good job keeping that at bay, so most like she will be re-elected.  Sadly, this party means the end to the current colony of dust bunnies.

Bob decided to be helpful.  He cleaned the house for me on Sunday.  This was a great help, because it removed the first layer of grim and mess.  He thought is was clean enough for the party, silly man.  So, I spent all day Monday and Tuesday cleaning.  By the time party came, I was so pooped, I was wondering if I would enjoy it.

Everyone was a bit late, but that was ok, it gave me a chance to rest.  But, they also stayed a bit late.  I cleaned up all the food, washed the dishes, and was toying with the idea of putting my jammies on to get them to leave.  Finally at 12:00, everyone left.  Whew, it was a fun time, but was a long evening!

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  1. glad your party went well. that's a cool idea about neighborhood parties. i should suggest that in my neighborhood...