Saturday, February 27, 2010


I have been knitting away... I made a log cabin blanket as a baby present for a friend of mine.  It is a beautiful blanket, but it was not a short trip to complete.  I started in October, full of enthusiasm.  But you see, as the blanket grows, it is no longer as quick to complete.  By the end, doing one color bar was a project of epic proportions.  I was so happy to finish this, I can not ever tell you.



I also made a hippo to go along with the blanket.  It is so wicked cute, that you almost forget how complex the pattern is.  It isn't really hard, but very specific and every row is different.  It really requires a lot of attention to detail.  Everyone who see it wants one.  I will probably make another.



Anyway, at least the hippo has time to read a book!

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