Thursday, June 18, 2009


A recent news story tells about a town that requires all employees to wear deoderant and underwear. The Mayor takes has an issue with the required underwear ruling, "I find that a little restrictive. How do you police that?" Upon hearing the tail end of this story, so missing the name of the town, this reporter is interviewing Sam about his thoughts on this new found information.

An interview with Sam:

What do you think about this rule, requiring one to wear underwear? Not good.

Would you like to live in the town that requires you to wear underwear? NO

Why not? Because I don't like underwear.

Why don't you like underwear? It is itchy.

If you were Mayor would you change the rule about wearing underwear? yeah, Mom are we done with this it is boring.

Sam leaves the room to figure out what he wants to do, currently wearing underwear.

'Till next time. This reporter is signing out.

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