Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A very busy weekend

This weekend was super busy. I scored a ton of yarn, buttons and needles from a friend of mine, who had a connection with a woman who owed a now defunct yarn store. My basement is slowly becoming yarn heaven. The yarn is mostly novelty, but I am slowly coming up with some projects that are pretty interesting. The ball bands have price tags that are all over 15 bucks. Some are even 30 bucks. I would never be knitting with yarn like this in real life, so it is sort of fun. As well as a creative challenge. I will post some pics, once my camera and computer are talking again.

On the topic of the computer and camera not talking, I was trying to get some stuff done prior to leaving for California, and the computer died. Yeah, again. The brain trust at Dell promise me that it is the power cord this time, so they are sending another one, in 2-3 business days. The other thing I was reminded about was that I have catastrophic and accidental breakage coverage. I think the guy was trying to get me to tell him that my computer was broken so they would send me a new one. Something to think about... Maybe I should let the kids use it... but that would take 7-10 business days to replace. Bob has handled this all much better than I did. That was the event that put me over the edge. As I like to say, my ability to cope was outstripped by the events of the day.

Tomorrow we leave for California. It should be nice to have a vacation from my life. I already know I am getting a massage in 6 days... yeah!! For now, I hope the gods of airline travel smile upon us and that the trip is smooth.

Mac wants to know why the people that read my blog don't read his... you know who you are! LOL hi from mac!

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  1. Enjoy the yarn goodness! And remember, yarn makes EVERYTHING better!