Thursday, June 18, 2009


Yesterday we went to see the butterflies at the SB Museum of Natural History. It is a really cool exhibit, and this year it was free!! Last time we went, the year my sister died, it was $2 a person. I was so happy that we got to do this fun thing for free!!

But, it also reminded me of the last time we went, 2 years ago. It was in August, and the hills far behind my mothers house were on fire. Bob was employed and all seemed relatively ok with the world. We were all worried about the fire, which based on the last 3 fires they have had here in SB, was craziness!! My Mom and I left Bob and the kids in charge of the SB house and went to Seattle to my sister's memorial service. Bob had his evacuation plan, a list of radio stations to listen to so he could track the fire's progress. The announcer always ended with, be safe, be prepared and have a plan. I have always thought that was fine advice, so Bob was prepeared. Looking back it was laughable, as the likelihood of that fire impacting the greater community was so remote. But, hey it was his first fire, I wanted to make sure my peeps were ok!

Ending the flash back... the kids, now so much bigger, enjoyed the butterflies, Hannah and Sam were so cute giving each other hugs and trying to catch butterflies for each other! It was a nice trip. We all recalled the Zaca Fire and Katie's funeral.

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