Monday, June 22, 2009

Back to Reality

Well, my vacation from my life is over. It was so much fun! My mom took really good care of us, and we had a blast playing tourist in Cali. It seemed like everyday was better than the next. This is unusual, as I generally am a little bored when I am in California. But, we actually left with stuff to we wanted to do, being undone... waiting for us for next time!

Now that I am home, the house looks great, Bob did a wonderful job cleaning up. It is weird to see it because it does not seem like my house. It still doesn't seem like home... that said, there were flowers on my front porch. I had always planned to put some flowers there, but given our current economic crisis, I haven't wanted to spend the money. Well, as some RAK, someone left flowers on my front porch. Amazingly cool, and nice. I will have to play detective in the neighborhood to see who did it... or perhaps one of my other friends. It was a very nice pick me up.

I still feel sort of overwhelmed and scared about the future. I wish that we knew what was going to be...

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