Monday, June 1, 2009

They strike again...

***warning, some language might be offensive***

Because I can not say this to the sucktastic douche bags that my husband used to work for:

Dear Joel, Lynn and Leon:

I guess things are really bad for the business right now. I guess that the $3,700 that you legally owe us, under IL state law, is going to materially impact the business, because it is so much more important to you than it is to us. You can have it. I don't want it, even though my family could live off it for a couple of months while we look for another job. You take it. When you put gas in your fancy car and take your wife out to dinner, remember who is paying for that.

The cost to us emotionally, is not worth the argument about it. We want to put this horrible situation behind us and move on. We will win.

This bs about the fact that the employment contract my husband signed isn't valid because he worked for a different division is all smoke and mirrors and another example of your underhanded unethical business dealings. Grasping at straws are we? You told us that you had the authority to offer him the job. I have to believe that once you start to believe in people and treat them with respect, you will get that back. Until you can do that, well, then you will always believe that you are being taken advantage of...

Remember, you are an evil troll, your in-laws are also evil trolls, and the illness and bad things that come to you are created by the evil that you have enveloped yourself in.

I am looking forward to getting my bright, talented, honest, loyal and wonderful husband back from the very dark place that you people pushed him into.

Enjoy the money we have given you. I won't itemize the amounts, but it is a fairly substantial amount. I am glad that you feel your endeavor is so important as to have us pay into it. May the karma that you have sewn in how you have dealt with us soon come back for you to reap.


With this I hope that I will be able to move on, and focus on the next steps on this journey!

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