Friday, June 26, 2009

DONE, now I can blog

Ok, the panda is done. Finish, complete. OVER! I was so happy about it I finished my pig too. The pig was mostly done, I just needed to close up the butt. Since I was finishing things, I finished my May socks. Tonight I finish my charity scarf. Then, I will have only 1 pair of socks on needles.... what will I cast on next?

I am thinking a sweater for me. Maybe a baby blanket for my friend who is pregnant with twins, might want to get rolling on that, since I have to do 2. There is always holiday gifts, I have requests for market bags, animals and socks. It amazes me that people actually want me to knit stuff for them. Everyone in California asked me to make them something, it was such a nice compliment! Anyway, the finish objects for you review!

May Socks

Oinkers, the felted stuffed pig. A requested item, made for a birthday present. The little girl next door was watching me make Sam's panda and asked for a pig for her birthday. I was happy to comply! I think he came out really cute. Her birthday is the same day as Sam's.

I made a massive mistake when I started this, and didn't knit enough rows. I read each printed row as one row and missed the repeat part. But magically I figured it out when I knit the tummy. So when I finished the tummy and went to sew it up, they didn't match. It was a real brain teaser! Once I figured out my stupid mistake, I ripped out the back, re-knit and we were off and running. I think I need to reserve my spot in the Alzheimer's unit.

DRUM ROLL PLEASE... The panda. I am not as happy with the finished result. I feel that the proportions are a little wonky. I won't be using any more of these patterns in the future. Sam will like him though!

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